Perfect Places in Portland

Offering Portland's Finest Furnished and Unfurnished Places to Stay

Below are some of our favorite places to eat & drink around the city. We have grouped these by neighborhood and the places in Sellwood and Hawthorne are completely walkable from our Perfect Places in Portland! We will continue to add spots as we discover them, so enjoy!
  • In Sellwood
    Here are some places close to our place in Sellwood we think you will enjoy. We will of course update this list as we discover more gems in our ‘hood.
  • 13th St Food Carts
    This is Sellwood’s own Food Cart Pod, with 7 carts to choose from (I have listed a few below) and an outdoor covered eating area to keep any rain drops off your head. Make sure to check out Food Carts PDX for any updates!
  • In Hawthorne
    These are some of the eateries we have come to know and love close to our Home in the Hawthorne. Some of our guests have stated that have have preferred hanging out in the Hawthorne to going to downtown and we will not disagree. With great shopping, eateries, and entertainment, this is definitely of the happening places in PDX!
  • Beer!
    Barley, Hops, and Wheat - Oh My! Let it be said that the that the number of people who have forgotten more about the local beer scene that I will ever know are legion. Below are just a few of the breweries that seem to have it going on. To get the low down on what is happening now, check out Portland

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