Perfect Places in Portland

Offering Portland's Finest Furnished and Unfurnished Places to Stay

Welcome to Perfect Places in Portland! We began in 2012 with our Home in the Hawthorne neighborhood and now offer:
  • The 3 bedroom 2 and a half bath Hawthorne Home as an unfurnished rental home for longer term rentals
  • A fully furnished vacation/short term condo in the Sellwood neighborhood.
With our addition of the condo we are continuing our tradition of providing the very best Portland rental housing experience available. Both locations offer amazing walkability, with with excellent proximity to Food Carts, Restaurants, Local Shopping and Mass Transit, allowing you to enjoy Portland at its finest.

Why We Love Sellwood

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Coffee is literally 30 seconds away by foot! So stroll over to Either/Or on 13th and grab yourself one of the best espresso flights ever or just a solid cup a joe. Make sure to get a nosh to go with whatever you chose, because they are yummy!

The Springwater Corridor which 21 miles of the 40 mile loop around Portland is an amazing walk along the river and wetlands. After coffee, just take to the few steps back to SE Umatilla and head west which dead ends at the trail. If you like to bike, but did not bring your wheels, no problem! Just head over Sellwood Cycle (they rent by the day) a few blocks north or the The Bike Commuter (this shop rents by the hour) 5 blocks east and pick up your wheels!

Finally, what Sellwood is perhaps best know for the Antique/Indie Store Scene! We love to shop a bit then stop for a bite, shop a bit more, you know the drill. Also do not forget to check out the Homestead Store, this is an absolute kick!

Why We Love Hawthorne

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Welcome, About Us, and Our Site:

Welcome and thank you for visiting our site. We are Lisa, Lori and John, the lucky owners of a house in the Hawthorne district and a condo in Sellwood, which we believe are the Perfect Places in Portland. We began visiting Portland on a regular basis in 2003 when our relatives moved here. We fell in love with the city and are happy to provide places for you to say during your visit.

We have created this site to help provide ideas for your trip. Since there is way too much fun in Portland to fit in one web site, we have imbedded links throughout to provide even more information on whatever interests you. We welcome your thoughts, ideas, and of course questions on renting our Portland home. Please feel free to call me toll free at any time at 855-242-5577. Of course, you could also just send an email to:


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